I made this carrot bracelet a few years ago now and I still love it- in fact it was one of the first poly clay projects of my adult life! Each individual carrot was hand sculpted and strung onto orange elastic.


First I fashioned lots of tiny orange carrot shapes and rolled a few very thin snakes of green of clay. I then sliced the snakes into tiny little ‘leaves’ and pushed these into the top of the ‘carrots’ using a needle tool. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – this took what felt like an eternity!

I then textured the ‘carrots’ using my cutting blade, but anything thin and straight would do, in little horizontal lines all over the body of the ‘carrot’. Sort of like this, if you can understand my ridiculous MS Paint based doodlings;

I then pushed a needle through the centre of each carrot (taking great care not to destroy or distort my little pieces of carroty goodness) and set them up on my bead rack to bake.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and would love to hear your ideas and thoughts 😀


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