Zombie Defence Station

This was a gift for a friends birthday. I made one a few years ago for my husband and it has received a lot of compliments from anyone who is aware of the impending zombie apocalypse!

Here’s what I used to build it;

Picture frame (I got this one from a charity shop – Reduce Reuse Recycle, people!)

Sturdy cardboard box that will fit snugly inside the picture frame (mine was about 5mm too tall so I had to tamper with it slightly to make it fit.)

Acrylic/spray paint

‘Weapons’ (I got the gun and hand grenade from the toy section in a pound shop)

card/freezer paper/acetate for stencil


picture wire

The first thing I did was prepare my ‘weapons’ as I knew they would need drying time and a couple of coats of paint at least.  I sprayed the gun and hand grenade with black paint and left them to dry, whilst I sprayed the box black (both inside and out) and the frame red.

Next I prepared my stencil. It reads ‘in case of zombies break glass’ and I thought a nice red biohazard logo would make it ‘pop’ nicely. I wrote out my design on a piece of card and cut it out with a craft knife (my card was far too think – this led to IMO the lines not being clean enough and it took several hours to cut it all out, with the help of my awesome husband. I also nearly lost the tip of a finger trying to change the blade of an insanely sharp craft knife – this is not really relevant but it shows that my ACTUAL LIFE BLOOD went into this project 😀 )

I laid the stencil onto the glass and went at it with my brushes and acrylic paint. This was another point where I realised I should have used something much much thinner for my stencil – when I removed the stencil a lot of paint stuck to the fuzzy edges of the card and I had to do a lot of ‘tidying up’ with more paint to make it right.

By now the ‘weapons’ were nice and dry and ready for the finishing touches – some kitchen roll and silver acrylics! I lightly rubbed some paint over the raised parts and then rubbed it back off until I got the effect I wanted, I think it makes them look much more realistic 🙂

See that gorgeous little bat with the enormous nails in? My husband made that! He drilled a couple of holes through a tiny baseball bat he’d had for years and hammered two whopping great nails through, for destroying the brain, you see? 😀

Then it was simply a case of putting everything together; the pound shop weapons are held in place by plenty of all purpose glue and the bat is secured by two cable ties. The frame wedged onto the box and secured with duct tap and finally a bit of picture wire added so it can be mounted on the wall.


That’s it. Another human saved in the event of a zombie uprising 😀


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