Fauxsaic Cane

As you’ll have seen if you’ve taken a look at My Creations I’m a huge fan of the faux mosaic (or Fauxsaic as I like to call it – see what I did there? :D) ‘cane’. A cane is simply put a log of polymer clay with a design running right through it, much like a stick of rock, that can be sliced off and used in a wide variety of ways. A heck of a lot of time goes into creating these designs and so I thought it might be nice to document the process.

I start by blending my colours. I’ve been waiting for a chance to try this cane in many shades of green. It’s currently January and the weather outside is grey and miserable, these colours remind me of Spring which I have to keep reminding myself is just around the corner 😀 I love Spring, it’s so full of life – unlike midwinter which I find rather dark and depressing! 😦

I marbelled some of these colours as I thought it might look interesting, and mixed some pearl ex powder (in duo green/yellow) into the lighter, almost turquoise green.

Each of these colours (I find six varying shades give a really nice effect) is rolled into six equally sized logs, which is the covered with a very thin sheet of white clay ( I use a pasta machine for this but you can do it by hand using an acrylic roller or even a glass. Don’t use a wooden rolling pin – the clay WILL stick to it and that is a real pain!)

The next step is to arrange the logs in a pleasing way. Once I’m happy with this I then begin the process of turning this cluster of logs into one big one! It’s most important at this stage to ensure there is no air trapped inside. I press the logs together in the middle, working my way around the sides and moving outwards until I’m sure all the air is well and truly out.

This ‘shape’ is now worked into a large log of all six colours. The ends are now quite distorted so how the cane will actually look is really kind of unknown at this point! This is one of the things I love most about this cane, you have a rough idea of how you want it to look but the final result is always a lovely surprise 🙂

Now I am faced with a big, squat log of clay and the fun really begins 😀 The next step is to cut right through the log. It’s best to try to intersect as many colours as you can, the more blocks of colour you cut through the more ’tiles’ your mosaic will have. Next I cover one of the exposed ‘faces’ of clay with more of my ‘grout’. The next step is crucial, flip one of the cut pieces over so the colours are no longer aligned 😀

I repeat the action of slicing and grouting several more times and carefully reposition my pieces in an arrangement I find pleasing.

Then it’s time to reduce my cane, again starting in the centre and creating a kind of hourglass shape before thinning out from the centre.It’s important not to roll a cane to reduce it as this distorts the image inside.

Then the advice usually given at this point is to leave your cane to rest, ideally placing it in the fridge, before cutting into it, in order to reduce distortion. I however am an impatient human being so as soon as I’m finished I need to cut off the end of the cane to take a peek!

Squee! I’m really happy with this 😀 The next step is to create a new tea light holder which I’ll be documenting tomorrow so be sure to subscribe to this blog in order to be notified of updates 😉

This cane took around five hours to produce and will probably cover up to five tea light holders which will likely take the same amount of time again! This is why I LOVE handmade items. No mass produced item has had this level of love, care and attention paid to it’s creation. Handmade or crafted items have soul, which is simply priceless if you ask me 🙂

Thanks for staying with me to the end, if you’ve made it this far you deserve a reward! Sometime soon I’m going to be offering special discounts on my pieces to regular readers of this blog 😀 so make sure you subscribe, I’d hate for you to miss out!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 14:05:16

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, keep it up good luck with the sales


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  3. Sammi Beggs
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 22:24:10

    I think a certain young man may be using this a an instruction manual very soon 😉


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