The Green ‘Fauxsaic’ Returns!

Good day to you, fine people of The Internet 🙂

Well today, as promised, I have been excitedly using yesterday’s ‘Fauxsaic’ cane to cover a tea light holder 😀 I’m so delighted with how this has turned out and can hardly wait to get it listed in my Etsy shop!

After yesterday’s epic saga of a post, I promise I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible! If you have any questions that I haven’t answered then please do leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer 🙂

You can see from the pictures that I cut lots of very thin slivers of my ‘fauxsaic’ cane and apply them one at a time to the glass tea light holder. I then carefully blend the joins of each ‘slice’ whilst taking care not to damage the design, this is a painstaking process but quality control counts 😀

As you can also see from the pictures I am wearing sexy surgical gloves 😀 this is to ensure I don’t leave fingerprints in the clay, sometimes I use cling film wrapped around the piece itself, both work equally well in my experience 🙂 I take the opportunity to have a peek through the glass against the sun to get an idea of how translucent it is. that’s right I said the sun! In January! Spring really is just around the corner 😀

After the tea light holder is covered in my delicious new cane I roll it on a ceramic tile. this helps to blend in any joins I may have missed and also gives a much more even finish 🙂

Then it’s time to fire my piece in my dinky little mini oven 😀 I find they need keeping a constant eye on and maybe even giving a quick turn halfway through firing in my mini oven, otherwise they may burn, which is VERY BAD 😦

And there it is! I’m particularly pleased with the effect of the marbelled clay, it shines through in all the different colours and gives the finished piece more depth. I’ll definitely be doing this again 😀

Looks like I have a new addition to my Creations page 🙂


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