Replenished Clay Stash!

Happy Saturday to you 😀

Oh joy! My shipment of clay has arrived!

Would you just look at that?? This sight makes me very happy indeed! That’s 1848g of polymer clay, right there 😀 I’ve now got to get very busy indeed! I’m planning to expand my range of tea light holders so there is the full spectrum of colours available and I hope to be able to use this range to raise some funds for a phenomenally important cause. I need to have these pieces completed by the end of next month at the very latest so I’ll be a very busy bee indeed, all will be revealed soon enough 🙂

I’ve been doing a little promotional work to raise the profile of my Etsy store recently. I now have a brand new facebook page,  please do drop by and ‘like’ me if you feel the urge, I’d be most grateful if you did 😀

I also realised today that I have been featured in two member Treasuries on Etsy! An Etsy Treasury is described as ‘an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery’ and it’s incredibly flattering to have had two of my items selected by members of Etsy as some of their favourites. I decided to spread the love around by creating a Treasury of my own, deciding that ‘smile’ would be my theme. I love all the items within and they all bring a smile to my face in one way or another –  click here to take a look for yourself 🙂

I’ll be posting again soon with more details of the cause I’m hoping to raise funds for and what you can do to help 🙂

Until then, stay classy 😉


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