Green Retro Geometric Tea Light Holder

Happy Monday everybody!

Today has been a beautiful, sunny day here in lush, green Shropshire and I have spent all day indoors at my computer posting new listings to my Etsy store!

In addition to a haul of vintage royal memorabilia, today saw the listing of this gorgeous thing:

I’ve had so much interest in this design that I thought it was time I gave it a re-visit. I’ve created two of these pieces in the last 24 hours, taking around 9 hours in total but it was well worth the effort!

I’m delighted with how these pieces came out and whilst one is reserved for a friend the other is available HERE. I think I’m actually grossly underselling at this price, but if I were to factor in the time taken to create, photograph and list this piece I’d be charging upwards of £30!

Green Retro Design

I struggle to bring myself to charge for the time taken on these pieces and would love some feedback: Is £30 a reasonable price for a handmade item that has taken nearly 5 hours to create? My brain says ‘yes’ but my desire to get my creations out to new people tells me to keep my prices low. What a conundrum!

Well, that’s my ramblings done for today, come back soon and I shall endeavour to witter on needlessly once again 😀


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