Rainbow Collection Auction for Greenpeace

She’s been bombed, shot at and rammed and now she needs your help. After 21 years as a Greenpeace ship the current Rainbow Warrior is heading for retirement and Greenpeace needs your help to replace her.

I mentioned back in February why the Rainbow Warrior is so important to me, and it is for these very good reasons that it gives me great joy to finally be able to bring you my Rainbow Collection! These five, specially designed tea light holders are being auctioned on ebay to raise funds for this incredibly worth while cause.

The set includes:

  • Red – illustrating the passion with which Greenpeace defends our planet.
  • Yellow/Orange – representing the sunny skies over our fragile Earth.
  • Green – featuring the symbol of the dove of peace which adorns the Rainbow Warrior.
  • Blue – the glistening oceans that the Greenpeace fleet is charged to defend.
  • Purple – represents the nobility of the causes that Greenpeace stands for.

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CLICK HERE to place your bid.

Please bid generously to raise these much needed funds. Dig deep, the planet will thank you for it 🙂


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