The Surfing Bunny of Justice

My goodness me it’s been a while since I posted! Things have been busy here at Magpie Towers (my desk!) what with preparations for the summer and launching a mammoth 50% off sale in my Etsy store but I think today is the day for an update!

I often find my favourite crafts are inspired by ‘in’ jokes between friends and this is certainly no exception! Not too long ago a very good friend of mine was in court and asked me to join her to lend some moral support and also to take some notes. I felt obliged to warn her that whilst I would endeavour to do as she asked, it was quite likely that my mind would wander and I would end up doodling random nonsense, which I did of course. One of her favourite doodles (apart from a ‘skeleton argument’ and a most unflattering caricature of the appellant) was ‘The Surfing Bunny of Justice’, whom we have invoked ever since whenever an we have witnessed injustice of any kind – he stamps it out with his gargantuan feet 🙂
Even more recently my friend had a birthday (which she spent in hospital) and is today leaving the country to join the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior for a two month tour! If these were not grounds for me to bring the Surfing Bunny of Justice to life then I don’t know what would be  Grin

Without any further ado, allow me to introduce the Surfing Bunny of Justice!

Please excuse my messy, messy desk in the background! I’m an artist, I don’t do tidy 😉 I used a tutorial I found on Youtube to create the basic shape of the bunny, and winged the surfboard with a little help from my genius husband. The reverse of the surfboard has the scales of justice engraved, which I later stained with acrylic paint (sorry, I didn’t get a picture of this) All in all he took around four hours, plus 45 mins baking time 🙂

Thanks for reading to the end! As a reward, here is another picture of a forlorn looking bunny, without any ears or arms – awwwwww!

I’m so, so pleased with how he turned out and she absolutely adores him, in fact he’s travelling with her to South Korea as I type, to stamp out injustice on the high seas! Good luck out there, Katie and stay safe.


Polymer Clay Tentacle Heart Valentine

Greetings, fine people of Internetland!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated, my supply of clay has been running a little dry so I’ve had to resist the urge to craft somewhat. However, thanks to an upcoming birthday and some most generous in-laws (many thanks Christine and Sue! xx) 1.5kg of clay is now winging its way to me! I’ve ordered a whole rainbow of clays to really add a splash of colour to these pages and also help raise some funds for a fantastic cause (more on this soon  so watch this space!). Now I know where my next ‘fix’ of clay is coming from, I can happily use what clay I have, safe in the knowledge my stash will be replenished soon!

So here it is, my polymer clay tentacle heart for my wonderful husband, Matt:

Of course with Valentines day came an opportunity for some crafty goodness and I just couldn’t resist the urge to bring another clay creation into existence 🙂 We don’t usually ‘do’ valentines day in our house. We both feel that it’s very much a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ with it’s only real purpose being to drive the capitalist machine with unnecessary consumerism. That said, there is a lot of love in our house and I don’t object at all to devoting time and love to create something special for the people I love 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my ramblings, promise I’ll post again soon!

Critters and a Cookie

A couple of little things I made for my friends as christmas gifts. I’m not really into the whole commercialisation thing that surrounds the season and prefer to make things for most people 🙂

Here we have;

  • A little lilac ‘sextapus’ (so called because she has six tentacles. Nothing to do with whatever childish thoughts you may have had, naughty :p )
  • A cheeky red ‘pentapus’ (she has five tentacles to represent the anarchy symbol for an rather anarchic friend!)
  • A delicious looking chocolate chip cookie for a supremely talented baker I’m lucky enough to be friends with (nom!)
  • and finally a sperm whale for  a devotee of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 😀

I plan to make some more cookies very soon. This was the first one I’d made and I was really pleased with the result. When I do make more I’ll take some pictures of the process to share with you.