Hello world!

Welcome to my spanking new blog! I’m a Craft Addict. I know it, my family knows it, my friends know it and know you know it too. A friend of mine recently posted a status update on Facebook, offering to make handmade items for the first five people who commented, whom must then update their status to offer the same. Of course, loving all things handmade I jumped straight on it and was delighted to see the handmade love spreading all over my friends Facebook pages! This confirmed something wonderful to me; most people really do love handmade items as much as I do *joy*

A few days later another friend, realising how many of us there were that adore to ‘do it ourselves’ started a Facebook group for us ‘Homemade Hunnis’, giving us a fantastic opportunity to share some pictures of some past projects.  I posted a small collection of photos of some of my crafted items and soon realised I was flooding the wall (not the best way to stay friends with your friends!) with my pictures.

‘This will not do!’ I thought to myself  ‘I have too much of this stuff – it needs it’s own group, but not just for the cool kids on my facebook. If only there was some kind of way to somehow ‘log’ my projects on the ‘web’…some kind of  ‘blog’. Oh wait, they do exist – yay!’

So here it is.